We would like to wish all dads, fathers, step dads, grandpas, and anyone who takes the Father's role a very Happy Father's Day. Last weekend we held our first Father's  Day Olympics at Outlaw Pass. We asked listeners to write in and nominate their fathers.

Our four finalist were Tim Gibson, Albert "Bubba"  Vianes, Steven Grahmann, and John Guevara! All the dads had a great time at Outlaw Pass competing to be the champion! The dads competed in go kart racing, miniature golf, chugging a baby bottle with apple juice, eating baby food,  nut stacker, and last but not least we blind folded the dads and had them change a baby doll. Thanks to all the dads who came out. Albert "Bubba" Vianes took 1st place in our Father's Day Olympics. He won a recliner from Bedbutlers Furniture, a vintage Coors Light ice chest, one hundred dollars to Melvins Menswear and Bayside Seafood, HEB gift card, Lowes gift card, and Outlaw Pass gift card. We can't wait to see if Bubba can hold on to his title next year!



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