This Sunday at the riverside ballpark come play catch with your old man... on the field... before the game!  Admission will be free for the game at 6:30 P.M. on Sunday. If you are not sure what to do or what to get your dad on Father’s Day, this Sunday will be an awesome memory that you and pops will both cherish forever.

One on One Time With Pops

I remember playing catch with my dad all the time growing up. Whether it was in between me running to get things for the Bar B Que pit while he was cooking, or maybe we made a deal that if I helped him cut the yard we would throw the ball after. The most common was during the NFL halftime on Sundays. Nonetheless, I remember the time we spent together throwing the ball and the competitions we had to see who was more accurate, or who could throw harder.

I would later win this competition as I went on to play varsity level ball all four years of high school. The time spent in the backyard with my Pops is something I cannot wait to do with my son one day. To feel the nostalgia of passing on a father-son tradition. Everyone knows that getting something for dad is always a tough thing because they are the most selfless people we know.

Spend Time With Dad If You Can

Doing something together that you both love and something you used to do together would mean the world to him because you cannot put a price on throwing the ball with dad. Now you can do it at the ballpark. So, if you and your old man used to throw the ball together pick him up and take him to the game. Maybe this can be a new tradition that is at its beginning.

No Matter Your Age There is Something for Everyone at the Game.

So, to the dads with young kids that will probably draw a picture for you for Father’s Day take them down to the park and play some catch, they will love it.

To those who regularly play catch in the back yard, change up the scenery and head on down to riverside before 6:30 and play some catch on the field.

Sunday’s Game is Free to Fans

If you are old enough, do not be shy to buy Pop his favorite beer at the game with the extra money you saved because admission is free. The Generals have several games this season that will be free to fans so be sure to check out the rest of the schedule here.

I hope to see the father-son duos all over the field, and dads making their kids go get all of the bad throws.

Thanks to our intern Jo Lozano for his fine work on this fun story ahead of father's day!

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