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To all my ex-track athletes and athletes in general, remember dying from cramps after practice? Well, I am sure I can guess the words that Ashtin Zamzow would tell us if she heard us complaining.

Ashtin Zamzow is a track and field athlete from Goliad Texas and a graduate from UT and will be competing in seven events in the Olympic Trial Games. She has also overcome several injuries and according to an interview she had with the Victoria Advocate she thanks God for the miracle that was thrown her way.

Crossroad’s Athlete Works to Qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Ashtin Zamzow has qualified for the Olympic trials which will take place in Oregon on June 26-27 and placing as a top-three finalist will send her on her way to any athlete's dream... the Olympics.
The Goliad native will be competing as a heptathlete which is someone who competes in seven events the word hepta comes from Greek origin. Ashtin Zamzow will be competing in these seven events:
100m Hurdles
High Jump
Shot Put
Long Jump

Training for the Olympics or for a Spot-on Mount Olympus?

I can only imagine the training this 24-year-old must do to prepare for this big moment that is just days away. I do not know about you but these days I get drained just by being outside for too long, which might be relatable to other washed-up athletes, so we can only imagine the hard work she does.

This Year’s Olympics in Tokyo, Japan

The Olympic games which only ever happen every four years are a huge accomplishment, even to make it to the trial games. Although this year’s games were postponed in March of 2020 due to Covid-19 it actually benefitted Zamzow as she was recovering from a knee injury, that still could not keep her down.

Where can we watch her?

The events will be aired by NBC sports and the Olympics channel so do not forget to tune in and support our local athlete as she competes in seven different events. Kudos to Ashtin Zamzow and congratulations we are cheering you on from the Crossroads June 26-27.

Shout out to intern Joseph Lozano for another great local athlete/sports article.

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