Apparently touching our faces has elevated to the forefront of the worst habit humans have ever had. It's surpassed biting our nails, which I always thought to be a little disgusting, but did anyway as a kid. I also constantly made funny faces that never froze in place like I had hoped but was warned against. Anyway...

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Right now I'm less worried about how many times I touch my face and waaaaayyyy more alarmed by how many times I find myself in the pantry now that I'm working from home. I keep justifying it... I'm just in here to get a little something-something to snack on. Random snacks too. Yesterday I decided I should snack on a few olives which turned into an entire jar of green olives just by themselves. Towards the end I didn't even bother with the spoon, I just tapped on the bottom of the jar for the last of em'.

Not five minutes later I was stealing some of my kid's Easter jelly beans from the pantry to try and neutralize the salty oily residue. Y'all, I don't even like jelly beans. 

I will, however, draw the line at pork rinds! My husband, who had actually dubbed the toilet paper crisis as "over dramatics" was somehow justified in secretly prepping for a world shortage on pork rinds when he bought several big bags in one trip. Ugh. No Carbers.

What has been your snacking routine during quarantine? Don't be shy. I mean a jar of green olives sans martini? I've obviously got your back.

Here are my TOP FIVE snacks I CAN NOT STOP EATING. Keep in mind it's like the top five of several dozen weird random snacks I've been eating in the last few weeks. Nothing is safe in my house. Well except for the pork rinds. And my fingernails.

My Five Fav Isolation Snacks

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