I recently took a poll here at the station on New Year's Resolutions.  Some of them I identified with, and some well just caught me completely off guard.

Just a reminder when you read some of these resolutions, keep in mind I work with people in business, management, sales, and DJs.  Each with their own personalities, and of course crazy sense of humor.

With that being said the main resolution for this year was of course to lose weight.  Below are the top 5 understandable resolutions.

Lose Weight

Quit Smoking

More Family Time

Slow down on the Alcohol

Financial Stability

Now the resolutions below are just for humor.  Keep in mind when I received these responses I couldn't help but laugh.  I work with a bunch of jokers, but at the end of the day I wouldn't change my work family one bit.  They definitely keep us laughing, and it's never boring.

Get My Car Insured

No Hookers

More Hot Sex


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