Baseball fans around the nation are mourning the loss of Hall of Famer Joe Morgan who has passed away on Sunday at the age of 77. reports Morgan passed away on Sunday in Danville, California. Joe was suffering from a form of polyneuropathy (a nerve condition).

Of course, Texans can remember Joe Morgan as a member of the Houston Colt .45's /Astros from 1963 to 1971. Morgan would go on to play a full 22 season in the big leagues and afterward enjoyed the role of the announcer on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. Joe's numbers throughout his career made him a sure thing for baseball's Hall of Fame. Morgan was a 10-time All-Star, he won the National MVP twice, picked up 5 gold gloves, and two World Series Championships. Morgan also spent time with the Athletics, Giants, and Reds.

Morgan was no stranger to returning to the ballpark in Houston and enjoyed spending time with today's Astros like Jose Altuve.

Morgan was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first ballot back in 1990. He received 81.8% of the vote the first time around.

After his days on the field, Morgan became an announcer for ABC, NBC Sports, and ESPN's Sunday night baseball. Does anyone own a PlayStation 2? John Miller and Joe Morgan were the voices also included in just about every ESPN Baseball game from about the time of the mid-90s through about 2009.

Morgan's number 8 jersey he wore while playing in Cincinnati has since been retired by the organization. Here's to another great Texan who gave us so many great years of baseball. Our hats are off to the great Joe Morgan. May he rest in peace.

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