Las Palmas just got the best advertisement, and they didn't have to pay a dime. An extremely pleased guest posted a raving review on a local review Facebook page and it got quite a bit of attention.

Although Las Palmas was the main point of the review, it's not what has everyone talking. Sure, the review was raving about cleanliness and great food but other than that it was a roller coaster of a review.

At first, I read the review out loud and it was hysterical. I mean, I kind of understood what was being said, but also I had no idea. My brain needed to use the backup generator to process the lines that were right before me.

Wondering What the Review Said?

The review reads the following:

Went to Las Palmas Sunday afternoon not really lies and the clothes at 3 o’clock we get 30 to 45 but our food was awesome and they were so that the snow we did not have to leave at any time I want to give an ovation for the owners in the management because they clean for two hours after they close daily that is awesome ceiling fans walls everything.

Okay so now at this point I'm going to give you a few seconds to process and maybe re-read the entire thing.

Diving Into the Comments

Good ol' Lorrie wrote this raving review but half the people could not understand the entire thing. The comment section of this post is debatably even better than the review itself.

attachment-Untitled design (83)

To be fair, spell check aside, the review could potentially attest to the ferocity of the all-to-infamous Frank-a-Rita.

attachment-Untitled design (86)

Trying to decipher the post but also trying to figure out if it randomly snowed in Victoria:

attachment-Untitled design (85)

Hey then you have a quick real estate plug from Joey:

attachment-Joey Falcon - TSM

This review may be the best and most hilarious thing floating around Victoria right now. While Las Palmas food and drinks are not a red flag, these are:

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