The folks at Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network's response team have been very busy over the past week working side by side with members of the staff from Sea World San Antonio to rescue a young bottlenosed dolphin down in Galveston.

There are some pretty awesome marine life channels online and I think they are pretty fascinating to watch. Ocearch is a great one that lets you observe sharks, dolphins, and even sea turtles that are being tracked all over the world!

Earlier this month a young bottlenosed dolphin was discovered on Holly Beach over in Louisiana. Right away the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network sent their Galveston response team to the rescue. They found 'trooper' stranded on the beach with severe sunburn. The little guy was thought to only be 8 to 12 weeks old.

Trooper is getting round the clock care from staff and volunteers. In order to help this little guy recover the staff was going to have to hand-rear this calf and that is round the clock commitment which explains the assist from the great folks at Sea World San Antonio.

Trooper is under 24-hour observation. He gets fed special bottles of formula every few hours and gets to spend the rest of the day doing laps in his own private recovery pool as you can see below!

What's even more amazing is the support from all over the US for Trooper. Social media is spreading the word and the more you read about this little guy and the good people at TMMSN, it's easy to see why people are making donations during this difficult time.

You can still help Trooper and others like him by visiting This is the site you want to use to specifically help this little bottlenosed dolphin.

A special shoutout to the folks at TMMSN and Sea World! They watch out for most of the mammals on the Texas coast. Thank you for helping us and sharing this uplifting story.

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