McDonald's has rolled out a new 'Throwback Thursday' promotion with some awesome throwback prices.  Each week, a different item will be discounted to a nostalgically low price THAT NEVER EXCEEDS .35 CENTS!

These throwback Thursday prices will continue every Thursday until February 18th.

I wish they would bring back more than the throwback prices! I remember going to McDonald's on Navarro and heading straight out to the playground while my mom ordered the food.  Who remembers that 'hamburger cage' looking thing?

Facts Verse.Youtube

Not only was the playground fun but those Happy Meal toys were the bomb. I remember on many occasions begging my mom to get me another Happy Meal just so I could add to my collection!  Who remembers some of these?

Facts Verse.Youtube

You can almost hear that Big Mac or Quarter Pounder styrofoam box opening up!

How awesome would it be if they brought back the McDonald's concept from the '80s and '90s?

Since that's not happening, at least we don't think it is... let's enjoy some awesome throwback prices on Thursday's.

According to thrilllist, to qualify for these Throwback Thursday deals, you'll have to place your order in the McDonald's app ( just like you did in the '80s and 90's- LOL).

Here's the full Throwback Thursday schedule:

  • Thursday, January 28: Get a 25-cent small shake with an in-app purchase of at least $1.
  • Thursday, February 4: Get a 20-cent apple pie with an in-app purchase of at least $1.
  • Thursday, February 11: Get a 35-cent large fries with an in-app purchase of at least $1.
  • Thursday, February 18: Get a 25-cent cheeseburger with an in-app purchase of at least $1.


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