An 11-year-old girl was kidnapped by an older man she met on the popular gaming platform, Roblox.

Online Meeting Leads to Kidnapping


The victim was taken by 27-year-old Darius Matylewich, who she played Roblox with online. Matylewich took the girl 135 miles from Wayne, New Jersey, to Bear, Delaware, without her parents' knowledge or consent.

Unanswered Questions Remain

The police have not disclosed the method used by Matylewich to take the girl, leaving unanswered questions. A missing child's report was called in around 6:45 a.m. Thankfully, the 11-year-old girl was quickly located and rescued.

Legal Consequences Loom

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Police did not reveal how the girl was taken but once Matylewich was detained he was extradited to New Jersey and is now facing up to 30 years in prison. 

Roblox's Massive Platform

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Roblox, with over 54 million daily users, is highly popular, with nearly half of its users under 13, emphasizing the need for enhanced online safety measures for children. This could happen anywhere, even in your hometown.

Roblox's Response to the Incident

Roblox stated to ABC News, expressing their commitment to cooperate with law enforcement and maintain a secure online environment. They employ a significant team consisting of thousands of moderators to enforce strict community standards and measures against grooming.

Roblox has reached out to officials and is diligently offering their help.  

"We work tirelessly to prevent grooming on our platform and have a team of thousands of moderators who enforce a strict set of community standards..." Roblox said in a statement.

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