The Governor of Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to arrive in Victoria tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11th, for a press briefing with local leaders such as Victoria Mayor Rawley McCoy and Victoria County Judge, Ben Zeller.

The press conference, which will be streamed LIVE and expected to be held around 3 pm at VC's Emergency Technology Center will be centered on the topic of COVID -19 and COVID-19 response.

 According to a news release from the governor's office this afternoon, Abbott will visit Beaumont and Victoria "to hold briefings with local officials and provide an update on COVID-19." Gov. Abbott is expected to be joined by the Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief, Nim Kidd.

Nim Kidd serves as the Chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management and is the Vice Chancellor for Disaster and Emergency Services. Texas A& M offers, "In this capacity, Nim Kidd is responsible for the state’s emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities." Nim Kidd is a Certified Emergency Manager, as well as a Texas Master Firefighter.

Gov. Greg Abbott's latest declaration extension includes the State Disaster Declaration in August 2020.

Victorian's might note that regarding the Office of the Texas Governors page if you would like to leave a message or make comments or voice concerns to Gov. Abbott, there is a page for comments and questions from citizens here.

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