Fans think Grimes just revealed she's collaborating with Lady Gaga on her new album.

The Canadian singer took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday (September 11) to post what appeared to be the album and tracklist for Mother Monster's upcoming sixth studio album. Naturally, many Gaga fans were sent into a frenzy, while others didn't believe it was real after Reddit users pointed out it was a fan-made edit.

The alleged tracklist contains songs such as "Stained," "Otherside," "Cool for Chaos," "Distortion," "All About You," "Hourglass," "Flames," "Hysteria," "Black Velvet," "Tainted Love" and a Grimes collab titled "Real Boy."

Meanwhile, the cover sees a nude Gaga wearing metal headgear over a blue background and metallic text.

Check out the photo for yourself, below:

grimes lady gaga
Grimes, Instagram Story

The photo clearly isn't real, but that hasn't stopped fans from assuming this might be a hint Grimes and Gaga made a song together. They both recently teamed up with producer BloodPop, as well as followed each other on Instagram. It's also unsurprising considering Grimes is known for trolling the public. Plus, Gaga would be pretty upset if Grimes leaked the entire album after she's made it a point to spill as little detail about LG6 as possible.

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