Father's Day Weekend is Here!

Father's Day is this weekend, and people all around Texas are going to be grillin' it up! We don't need much of an excuse to break out the pit and throw down; what can I say? Texans just love to BBQ. Our poll down below will show you there is one division when it comes to BBQing in Texas, though.

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Even Non-Meat Eaters Get in on the Fun

Vegans and vegetarians like me even get in on the action. Fajita veggies and tofu steaks SLAP this time of the year. Even if you're throwing smoking a brisket for half the day or grilling some tomahawk steaks the size of a small child, Fathers Day is a great reason to bring families together.

Divided: Where Do You Stand

However, there is one thing that can easily divide people is one question: charcoal or propane? Are you the propane-loving Hank Hill of the neighborhood? Or do you live and die by the charcoal-burning briquettes? So many people in Texas and even around the USA choose differently. On the West-coast they love being green so neither option may be on the table; out on the east coast like Florida their WILD so they might light up a grill with a  flame thrower, who knows!

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Classic Move: Charcoal

Charcoal is the classic choice. It is almost nostalgic. Going to the beach packing the bbq pit with charcoal. Sitting around letting the coals heat up so you can start cooking. Everyone has experienced the 'uh-oh' moment where you ran out of coals. More than halfway through cooking, you start frantically waving a plate above the pit because the flames are going out, and the charcoal is losing its heat. It's a good time, and the food is great nonetheless.

Propane: Taste the Meat Not the Heat

Then there is good ol' propane. The accuracy of the heat never fails. You don't have to worry about ashes coming up into your food. As long as your tank is full, you're in for a good time and some good eats.

I'm going to rock the boat even more by adding the latest and, by my own account: the GREATEST, a 3rd option. This is a hybrid if you will. Nevertheless, it has taken some of the best qualities of other options and combined them into the ultimate grilling source. I'm referring to pellets, and if you haven't heard of them by now, where have you been?

Pellet Grill: The Way of the Future

Pellet grills started making a scene a few years back and have made quite a name for themself. They are almost effortless. You have to have a particular pit that you feed these tiny little wooden pellets into, and then that's it. You set the temperature and call it a day. The pellets feed themself into the bbq pit on their own; it takes out all the leg work. A digital gauge maintains the temperature, you just have to check your meat and veggies on the grill, and that's it.

The grill does all the work. The propane lets you preserve all the flavor, but the pellets do come in different wooden blends. You can get hickory, pecan, apple, cherrywood blends, and so many more. You get the accuracy of propane and the woodsy flavor of the pellets; it really is the best of both worlds.

Where Do You Stand?

However, some people are still not sold on this modern option. People like the old-school charcoal. Others swear by propane to taste the meat, not the heat. But what will you and your family be using this Father's Day? Propane, charcoal, or the new hybrid pellets? Tell us below in our poll!

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