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One of the things I am most proud of when it comes to being Texan is how we have upheld traditions from the frontier families that shaped our great state decades ago.

In the 1800s thousands of Germans came to Texas to settle and with them some amazing Christmas traditions that we still practice today. Like the lighting of the " Christmas pyramid" in Fredricksburg.

Lighting the Weihnachtspyramide

You're probably wondering what the hello that is...
Lighting Christmas pyramids is a common tradition in Germany but most of the US has no idea what a weihnachtspyramide is. Weihnachtspyramide is German for Christmas pyramid, a tiered wooden tower that has traditional Christmas wood carvings around it, with candles too. The heat from the candles turns a traditional windmill on the top of the tower which activates the rotation of the nativity scene. The weihnachtspyramide in Fredricksburg is the only one of their kind and came directly from craftsmen in Germany.

Thank you to Fredricksburg Texas, the second German town of TX, for this Youtube video.

Tamales for Christmas

I know, it's crazy to think the rest of the US doesn't normally eat tamales for Christmas but believe it or not, the guess is that the most traditional Christmas dish for the rest of the US is actually potatoes. Tamales are a nod to our deep Mexican roots but do you know why Mexicans traditionally ate tamales at Christmas?

The reason we eat tamales at Christmas might surprise you.

The communal making of tamales dates back to 8,000 BC with the intent to honor Earth Goddess Tonanztin, as a thank you for a successful harvest.

Here is something new to do while making tamales with your family, play Songs for the Soul dedicated to Tonanztin from Victoria Solongo.

Cowboy Santas

Texas is one of the few places in the US that has its own version of its state's Santa and even songs about Cowboy Santa "reins" supreme. Of course, barbed wire wreaths are also unique to our great state too when you think about it. Do you have a Cowboy Santa at your casa?


We even sing about Cowboy Santas in Texas. Here is Charley Jenkins "If Santa Was A Cowboy" on Youtube. Ho ho hoedown!

A melting pot of culture, tradition and pride, it's Texas during the holidays. Hope these three Texas Christmas traditions made you smile!

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