As it stands now, Victoria has 481 confirmed active cases of COVID-19 with likely the highest count of patients in the hospital since the pandemic hit Victoria at 17.

With the Victoria Mayor, Rawley McCoy, mandating facial coverings for business owners and their employees, the City of Victoria came together for a community briefing at the Operations of Emergency Management.

You can watch the meeting in its entirety by visiting the City of Victoria on Facebook here.

Here are the highlights.

David Gonzales, the Director of the Victoria Public Health Department, offered that at this time testing results may be delayed two to seven more days longer than usual due to higher testing numbers. David reminded those awaiting test results to "please stay home until their test results return". He also warned against large gatherings during the July 4th holiday citing the increase of positive cases after the Memorial Day holiday.

Rick McBreyer, Director for the Operation of Emergency Management, offered that the free testing site at the Victoria Community Center tested a total of 1,239 residents over the course of two days. The site has been closed at this time and the VCC has been sanitized.

Dr. McNeill, Victoria Public Health Authority, offered that if you can work from home, you should. " We are one of the hardest hit states in the nation at this time." Dr. McNeill stated, further adding, "It's everywhere in the community now, offering later, "No one has an immunity to this disease." Dr. McNeill dispelled some myths about wearing masks. Masks are safe. He also added "Hospitals and ER's are safe. Seek care there if you need it."

Mayor McCoy offered that some of the reasons why he took action by mandating business owners and employees to wear mask included the large surge of cases in Victoria as well as hearing from business owners and professionals asking him to do so for the public's protection, later adding, " I asked our health director, ' How many ICU beds do we available? We have 12," he answered me. That was another huge factor."

Mayor McCoy offered "122006 is the code I am using to issue this order." adding later, "This is to provide the greatest degree of protection to the citizens." 

"The intent of this order is to do everything within our power to allow businesses to stay open and do it safely." Mayor McCoy offered lastly.

Thomas Gwosdz, City Attorney, offered that large events must be approved by the mayor as well while offering that the city can require businesses to enhance their safety measures which includes but is not limited to being required to wear facial coverings."

Jesus Garza, City Manager, adds, " We have added more cases of positive cases of COVID-19 inside the family of our city employees, with four city employees testing positive." Mr. Garza added that these city employees were from various departments such as Public Works and Environmental Services. " We are going back to ZOOM conferences with relation to city meetings." he offered later on.

Note *Anyone entering a city building must have a MASK to enter.

For the latest information visit or call 361. 580.5796

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