Lady Gaga, for once, knows what it feels like to be dazzled and slightly bewildered by something she's done. Funny viral videos of soccer moms and others claiming Gaga's new song 
"The Cure" has "cured" them and their families of ailments have been spreading throughout the Interwebs. Mama Monster retweeted one of these vids with glee, saying, "What is happening. I love her."

In another tweet, she simply tells the video makers, "I love you."

Like a mysterious epidemic, the videos have started to gain momentum. One mom, dressed in a very official doctor's coat replete with stethoscope, says "The Cure" "has just been approved by the FDA as the cure for all ailments." And in an epic move, she advises listeners, "Stream it once. Stream it twice. Or even all night long."

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