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It's been said that " Every dog has its day," and for one rottweiler in Texas, thanks to a concerned citizen who took footage of him getting beaten by his owner, Buddy the rottweiler has a new life full of love and kindness.

And Texas now has one of the harshest convictions for animal cruelty ever recorded.

56-year-old Texan, Frank Javier Fonseca, has been sentenced to a staggering 25 years in prison for beating, choking, and kicking Buddy after Buddy left the yard without permission.

Almost the entire incident was filmed by a concerned citizen who heard the cries of the rottweiler and recorded several minutes of what can only be considered one of the hardest videos an animal lover could watch. In fact, the video carries a viewer's discretion warning label. It was the contents of the video that likely convinced Texas jurors to take a stronger stand on pet abuse when convicting Fonseca.

According to KFOXTV, Fonseca also has a criminal history and likely contributed to his lengthy sentence as well.

Here is a video of the story on Youtube from Crime Report Weekly. It is NOT a video of the abuse.

For animal rights enthusiasts, the 25-year conviction, which is one of the harshest sentencing in Texas history for animal abuse, is a step in the right direction, even if it's been a long time in coming. You might remember that back in January of 2022, Texas passed the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, which makes it illegal to chain your dog outside.

Fonseca's sentencing could mean that all abused animals might have their day in Texas, just like Buddy the young rottweiler who was happily adopted shortly after he was removed from his abusive household.

You can view the original footage, courtesy of KFOXtv.com by clicking here.







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