Ok, I can't officially think of a worse season in franchise history for the Houston Rockets. Frankly, it's been a brutal year or so for Houston sports when you consider the fall of the Texans, the departure of JJ Watt, and the Deshaun Watson nightmare. Then there is the Astros sign-stealing scandal which nobody will forget anytime soon. Add to all that the sour departure of James Harden, and many of us in south Texas are pretty much ready to hit the reset button and skip to next season.

Right now the Rockets are at 15 Wins and 43 losses. There will not be a post-season for the fans (unless they are watching Harden tear up the playoffs in Brooklyn). The bad luck continued on Sunday evening for the Rockets.

What happened to Sterling Brown?

Team officials with the Houston Rockets say that guard Sterling Brown was assaulted in Miami on Sunday evening as the team arrived for a Monday night game against the Heat. Brown told the team and authorities he was assaulted by several people he did not know, which left him with cuts and bruises to his face. Brown says the scuffle took place on Sunday evening when the team was arriving in South Florida.

NBC Miami reports that Brown had no prior knowledge of or interaction with the individuals who allegedly attacked him. The Rockets have not released any additional details and it remains unclear if an official police report about the incident has been filled. It's Brown's first season with the Rockets after spending the last 3 years in Milwaukee.

What's Next for the Rockets?

Houston Rockets head coach Stephen Silas said he spoke to Brown and is relieved his player would be ok and is expected to be cleared to play again soon. Brown is recovering from a knee injury that is expected to keep him sidelined for about 5 games and traveled with the team for the matchup with the Heat despite knowing he would not play in the contest.

Silas spoke briefly of the incident saying it was,  “Heart-wrenching. Rips your heart out. It’s one of your guys, someone on your team that you care about, someone that you’re with every day. As far as how I’m feeling and how the team is feeling, we’re all just thankful, No. 1, that he’s going to be OK — and also down about what happened.”

The team returns to Houston to face the Utah Jazz who have the exact opposite record as the Rockets. The Jazz have 45 wins and just 15 losses. The Rockets are down to about their final 25 games left in the regular season. While it's not impossible for them to improve enough to reach the postseason, it's rather unlikely at this point.


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