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Somebody tell me that James Harden's restaurant 'Thirteen' gave out free appetizers last night or something. I mean come on! It's been an awful year for Houston athletics. Going back to the sign-stealing scandal with the Astros, then James Harden ditches his team, JJ Watt exits, now the Deshaun Watson nightmare. The poor fans!

The Houston Rockets finally had something to smile about Monday as they finally brought to an end a 'franchise worst' 20 consecutive games losing streak. John Wall managed his first triple-double in almost 5 years as a part of the victory over the Toronto Raptors last night 99-117.

After the loss on Sunday, the Rockets looked ready to end their season. ESPN's coverage of Sunday's post-game interview with the coach was hard to watch. The team looked on the verge of tears or utter collapse. After Monday's win, the tears did fall. 'Joyous' was the feeling in the locker room after finally ending the losing streak. Before this season's awful losing streak the worst run by a Rockets team included a 12 game losing streak.

Before we bash the Rockets too badly, I probably don't have to tell anyone there are far worse losing streaks in sports history. Which losing streak listed in the poll above seems like the worst? Can you think of another awful losing streak in sports history that ranks with 20 losses in a row by the Rockets?

The Rockets are back in action Wednesday night as they host the Hornets at 7 pm.

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