Beloved Texan and actor Matthew McConaughey has been talking a lot lately and on a recent podcast, he talked about his love of wrestling and the WWE. The media has been speculating the past few months about whether or not we could see actor Matthew McConaughey throwing his hat into the ring for political office here in the Lone Star state. Back in November, we informed you the idea was thrown out there during an interview with Matthew McConaughey when he was a guest of the Hugh Hewitt radio show. The host flat out asked McConaughey if he would run for office in Texas to which he replied saying he really doesn't know. Now after a new podcast interview, he may be setting his sites on a more athletic endeavor, the WWE.

While a guest on Maria Menounos' podcast, "Better Together," McConaughey gushed about his love of wrestling. He explained how his entire family are huge WWE fans and how he loved explaining to his kids how wrestling isn't fake. Matthew McConaughey even went as far as to say a WWE career is "something that interests" him. You can listen more to Matthew McConaughey's interview on the "Better Together" podcast.

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