Watch out Greg Abbott and Matthew McConaughey - there's a new contender for Texas governor, and he's already got a huge following.

Conservative humorist and podcaster Chad Prather has over 295,000 subscribers on YouTube, and now it looks like he's looking to turn that fan love into votes as he runs for the office of Texas governor.

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While the world was speculating over whether or not Matthew McConaughey would actually run for the position, Prather was sneaking into the race and has even launched an official campaign website.

Prather rose to fame primarily on Facebook, where he posted selfie videos of himself giving a conservative cowboy's perspective on politics and pop culture. Over time that grew into a full-blown podcast with a studio and crew, and he's appeared on national TV as a guest on news commentary programs.

On his website, Prather lists his stance on issues ranging from farming and ranching initiatives to banning the implementation of lockdowns during pandemics.

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Prather is solidly right of center and very outspoken, so you can imagine how interesting the debates would be.

At last check, McConaughey was holding a pretty big lead amongst likely voters. The poll says that 45% of registered Texas voters would vote for McConaughey. Of the 45%, 66% are Democrats, 44% are Independents and 30% are Republicans.

Gov. Abbott had just 33% according to the same poll with 22% looking to vote for someone else.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of non-politicians/celebrities running for political office, but looking at Prather's website and reading about where he stands on the issues...I like what I see.

But, McConaughey has said that he see's himself as more of a "middle of the road" candidate, so there is something appealing to that as well.

The race for Texas Governor is about to get fun to watch.

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