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Okay first things first, my youngest kid can NOT know I wrote this!

But it was brought to my attention that today is National Puppy Day and it was suggested that it might be a fun topic to write the TRUTH about how I feel about our latest addition to the family, our precious French bulldog puppy... from hell.

Keep in mind, this is all in jest because Arlo is such a mess that you really can not help but LOVE her. That being said, of all of the dogs I have owned, and the puppies I have raised, she is hands down the HOLY TERROR of them ALL.

And by all, let me tell you I've adopted two weiner dogs, a Jack Russell terrier and a Border Collie from DOCPAC during my lifetime. All of whom lived long lives on our ranch.

Captain Husband was raising a chocolate Lab named GUS when we met and Gus too was a part of our life here on the prairie until he passed away at 17.

I have hated to see these dogs pass away and I'm telling you, ten, fifteen, twenty years is just not enough time with fur babies. Right now we have a Pekinese and a Shitzu and a weird Bichon mix that I also rescued. The Bichon is a perpetual puppy having been a victim of over breeding that dwarfed her. My boys who now live in Austin also have a dog, a German Shepard and we have rescued not one, not two but three cats in the last five years.

I tell you all of this because I want you to understand I have had some experience with dogs of all sizes and ages and LET ME TELL YOU, nothing prepared me for this Frenchie puppy!

Ingra Lee/TSM
Ingra Lee/TSM

The Frenchie is the first dog we've bought from a breeder, an AWESOME breeder with very strict rules and expectations for the families she chooses to own these puppies. Three years ago our youngest started begging for a Frenchie, a " dog all of my own." Everyone else in the family has had a dog, so really what was one more?

Ingra Lee/TSM
Ingra Lee/TSM


Oh, honey let me tell you.

The only research we did beforehand as parents was to watch this video right here two years ago from Rabbittales on Youtube. I LOVED THIS VIDEO! The title reads, " What you don't know about French Bull Dogs" so we thought they were going to give it to us straight.

They were brutally honest but here is what they left out.

1. Frenchie puppies are miniature rhinos. They will barrel through people and other dogs and gates and anything that is in the way of where they want to be.

2. Frenchie puppies are the cousin of Honey Badgers. They do not give a damn.

3. Frenchie puppies farts are noxious. They can literally make unsuspecting passerby's GAG.

4. Frenchie puppies will eat anything. Lemons, hangers, shoes, peas, cat turds, deer turds, dogs they don't like. All of the picnic basket, including the basket itself, the one you just packed and left at the front door for five minutes to find the picnic blanket.

5. Frenchie puppies want to be the center of attention, at all times. No matter what.

6. Frenchie puppies have the cutest butts of any puppy ever. Damnit I lost my train of thought.

Ingra Lee/TSM
Ingra Lee/TSM

Well, fine. She stole our hearts, but I'm telling you I've never seen a puppy get herself into so much trouble. What about you? Did you raise but also adore a puppy from hell too? Well, today is the day to celebrate them! Just like we celebrate Arlo... every time we pull a candle, picture frame, hardback book out of her mouth.

Don't let this photo fool you! Arlo is up to SOMETHING! Well, she is thinking about it for sure!

Arlo two

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