This Friday night will be the 14th installment of the big East/West rivalry game. Not only is it the rivalry game it is also the regular season finale! Going into the game the East Titans have a (6-3,5-1) record while riding a 4-game winning streak. Including a dramatic last-minute victory over Veterans Memorial last week. The West Warriors have a (4-5,4-2) record and have put the district on notice that they came to play.  The East Titans are 2nd and the West Warriors are 4th in the District heading into the rivalry game. Standing are courtesy of Max Preps Get your popcorn ready and take a look a all the scores from the rivalry below.
Max Preps
Max Preps

We would also like to mention and recognize the Victoria Home School Cobras for their stellar 9-0 (9-0,3-0) perfect regular season! The Cobras will have a home-field advantage for the playoffs and will host a game on Saturday, November 11th, team TBD.

2022: West 23 East 33
2021: West 63 East 46
2020: West 50 East 20
2019: West 14 East 21
2018: West 28 East 31
2017: West 64 East 28
2016: West 33 East 36
2015: West 42 East 14
2014: West 21 East 24
2013: West 47 East 43
2012: West 48 East 54
2011: West 14 East 24
2010 West 21 East 48

The East Titans have the edge in this rivalry with an overall record of 8-5 heading into this year. The very first game of the rivalry was played on November 5th of 2010 which was also the season finale. Of course, the very first matchup took place in front of a mega-sold-out crowd at Memorial Stadium. I remember it was such a big deal that the Fox Sports Network featured it as the Dairy Queen Game of the Week. Who remembers? The city was electric!


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