It's no secret that Whataburger is a main go-to spot for a late-night/early-morning bite after a night of partying.  One small Texas town is helping law enforcement track down drunk drivers who doze off in the drive-through. A Whataburger in Lytle, Texas, which is located about 30 minutes south of San Antonio has helped take at least 5 drunk drivers off the road, in the past two months.

According to, employees of the Whataburger in Lytle have reported people who dozed off in the drive-thru line Those people, were arrested and charged with DUIs. “The way we work with Whataburger is that they are open 24 hours and draw a lot of people over there, many to the drive-through, so it’s almost like a running joke you could say,” Priest told MySA. “I guess a lot of people probably fall asleep in the drive though. In most cases, the person behind them honks or something and all is well. We are only called when it’s obvious that the person is intoxicated or impaired by something.” Read the full story by clicking here.

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This video only makes sense in Texas. The video was posted back in 2021, however, it just came to my attention! TikTok user: mosesvirgen1 is all about his horse and decided to take a trip to Whataburger. On this trip, he ordered two apple pies, one for him and one for his horse and to make the video more perfect, he added a little Johnny Cash in the background. After the trip, he rewards his horse with an apple pie. Check out the TikTok...

@mosesvirgen1 Drove up with style for an apple pie @Whataburger #whataburger #applepie #horsesoftiktok #ubereats #drivethru #fypシ #cowboys #texas #johnnycash ♬ One Piece at a Time - Johnny Cash

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