It's no secret that Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Former President/ Presidential candidate Donald Trump have a bit of a bromance.

The two men admire each other, but could that mean they might form an even stronger tie- perhaps President and Vice President?

Recently, Trump told Sean Hannity that Abbott is, "a spectacular man" and that he considers Abbott a strong candidate to be his running mate.

Former President Trump Visits The Southern Border With Texas Governor Abbott
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At a press conference, Abbott played the whole thing rather cooly and, shall we say, coyly?

It's very nice of him to say, but I think you all know that my focus is entirely on the state of Texas.

I'd say that too, if I were up for re-election in two years. It's also the classy and strategic move to not appear too eager. But what are the real odds that Abbott will answer this "higher power" and head to the White House?

Texas has populated the presidency/ vice-presidency before, with "Cactus Jack" John Nance Garner, Lyndon B. Johnson, and George W. Bush. The ability to reign in a state as big and diverse as Texas does make for an impressive resume.

However, one does have to ask themselves- is a Vice President really more powerful than a governor of Texas? Technically a VP is, but in practice? Perhaps not.

Elections can be a real rollercoaster, and only time will tell if Texas will have to find a new governor if Trump reclaims the presidency.

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