In 2023, we saw Walmart do the unthinkable. They actually closed stores in several places, including in Texas. Recently, it was announced that more Walmart locations will be closing. Will Texas be seeing a repeat of 2023?

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Is Walmart Closing More Stores In Texas in 2024?

Last year Walmart closed a store in Katy, Texas. With the recent announcement that more closures were coming, it's easy to see why some might wonder if that meant Texas as well.

The recent announcement that Walmart was closing some stores didn't include Texas at the moment. So breathe a big sigh of relief Lone Star State. You made it through this Rose to speak.

There are supposedly two locations that will be closing in California. One in San Diego, and the other in El Cajon. It's unfortunate for those who were employed at these locations, and hopefully, we won't see more as the year goes on.

Why Is Walmart Closing Stores?

The decision to close down certain locations has to do with one thing, and one thing only. Money. If a store is no longer profitable it doesn't make much sense to keep it around. The reasons why these stores are no longer profitable are a little bit more nuanced.

There are multiple factors, according to the multitude of reports out there. One of the major ones is theft. It's no secret that retailers all over the country are struggling with losses attributed to theft. Many have even decided to backtrack on self-checkout lanes and increase the number of employee-staffed checkouts. Another reason is the focus being placed on e-commerce.

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