Opening Day is less than two months away and the Texas Rangers will be rocking something special for the start of the season.

Rumors Are Flying Around Social Media of a New Rangers Uniform

Obviously you can't believe everything you see online, but I think it's pretty safe to say that these new uniforms for the Texas Rangers are happening. Get ready Rangers fans uniforms?

The rumor is that on Opening Day against the Chicago Cubs on March 28, 2024. The Rangers uniforms will have a gold trim around them. Basically the T on the hat will have gold around it and the brim of the hat as well. Also expect the numbers on the uniform to be gold as well.

Example from 2022 Opening Day

Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros
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I know some Rangers fans are going to be pissed I used an Astro as an example for this, but they were the most recent gold uniforms since they won the World Series prior to the Texas Rangers. This has become a tradition in Major League Baseball since 2011. So this so called 'rumor' of a new Texas Rangers uniform is honestly just a pretty safe bet. We will probably get a better look at these uniforms a few weeks out from opening day.

Supposed Jersey the Rangers Will Use On Opening Day

World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game Two
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It is tradition that the World Series winning team wears the white jersey with gold trim. So I suppose it will be this uniform with gold around it. This is the only thing we're not 100% certain on, so don't quote me on this. Guess we will wait and see. Can't wait for baseball season to get here.

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