Whether you grew up in East Texas or you got here as fast as you could like I did, you've probably picked up on the fact that each small town that calls the Piney Woods home truly has its own special thing going on. Either drive-thru or spend some time in a small East Texas town and you'll quickly pick up on what I'm referring to.

Tyler and Longview typically take home the big W because of traffic, whereas smaller and rural towns, like Gladewater and Carthage, wouldn't take that title. Some of our other towns are simply known for being 'world famous' - here's lookin' at you, Kilgore.

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TikTok user @DeerStandCowboy took it upon himself to let the TikTok world know exactly what he's discovered as an Arkansan living in East Texas via a TikTok video that's pretty easy to understand - what sound best represents each of our East Texas towns?

Before you check out the video below, here are the towns DeerStandCowboy decided to highlight.

  • Gilmer
  • Longview
  • Lake Fork
  • Tyler
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Jacksonville

See if you can come up with a sound you'd use to represent them and see if you match Deer Stand Cowboy.

@deerstandcowboy##greenscreen ##903 ##EastTexasCheck ##EastTexas ##FYP♬ sound effects - Jake

We'll admit, when he highlighted Tyler, we laughed out loud because it's exactly what we pictured. Loop 323 and Broadway are both full-blown race tracks in parts of the city. As for Longview and Gilmer, please let us know if you think he represented y'all well enough!

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