There's a very good reason why award-winning actor Steve Carrell has a second job, literally.

He absolutely loves his native Massachusetts, so much so that when it comes to vacations, he spends many of them with family in the quaint suburban Boston town of Marshfield right on the outskirts of Cape Cod.

Marshfield Hills General Store Facebook
Marshfield Hills General Store Facebook

According to The Travel, Steve, best known for hilariously playing Michael Scott in The Office and his dramatic role alongside Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show bought the Marshfield Hills General Store which, in very New England style, is connected to the local post office.

And yes, Steve actually works the cash register when he's in town or you can even catch him stocking shelves during his summer visits. Can you imagine going in to buy a pack of gum and Steve rings you up? Or you're looking for shampoo and there's Steve stocking it?

According to The Travel, the Marshfield Hills General Store building has been a central hub and post office since 1853. During the Civil War, it was turned into the supply depot for Union soldiers to pick up newly-sewn uniforms. So when it went up for sale, according to Entertainment Weekly, Steve bought it for $500,000 and restored the building to its original glory:

This is much more of an emotional investment than a business one.  I saw an opportunity to help to preserve a little piece of history.  I also felt that places like the Marshfield Hills General Store represent a gathering place, and give people a sense of community. These spots are growing more and more scarce. I hope to keep this particular one alive and well.

The Marshfield Hills General Store even has a tab called "Where's Steve" on its website, so you can keep tabs. According to the website, Steve's sister-in-law manages the day-to-day operations.

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