If you travel to the town of Socorro, Texas (just about 20 minutes outside of El Paso, Texas), you'll find the Rio Vista Farm; a building that was built in the 1910s & today is regarded a National Historic Landmark. Well perhaps the locals aren't the only ones that have visited the Rio Vista Farm; some people have reported sightings of ghosts on the property too.

What is the history of the Rio Vista Farm in Socorro, Texas?

As mentioned before, the farm was built in the 1910s; it was originally called the El Paso Poor Farm in 1915. It was one of the main buildings that housed people during the Great Depression; from 1951-1964, the Rio Vista Farm was a main center for the Bracero Program, a program that brought Mexican workers to agricultural areas around the United States.

Is Socorro's Rio Vista Farm haunted?

According to the City of Socorro's website, they HAVE said that people have spotted ghostly figures of women & children roaming around the property. So... with that little piece of knowledge, some people have decided to have their own paranormal investigations.

NOTE: This IS private property so make sure you ask permission first before you walk around the property.

Various users online have went to the property to explore; people like DJ Dlac decided to do some ghosting late in 2023.

Lunatic Productions did their own investigation at the Rio Vista Farm,

And The Borderland Paranormal Investigations YouTube channel posted videos of their ghost hunting from November of 2021. You can find part 2 & part 3 on their channel.

Their findings are certainly interesting! It's a very historic building that very well might have spirits from its 100 year history still roaming around the land. And if they are, make sure to treat them with respect.

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