Wearing a seatbelt is important and can even save lives! But did you know that in Texas, there are certain exemptions to the rule?

Seatbelt exemption laws in Texas

It's basically one of the very first things you're told to do when you get in a car; buckle up! My nephews and I even sing this little song when we get in the car:

Everyone knows you should always wear a seatbelt. But then there are those who are anit-seatbelt. I won't mention names, but I know someone who bought a device that will trick his car into thinking he's wearing a seatbelt just so he won't wear one!

Unfortunately for him, it's against the law in Texas to not wear one, and double boo for him because there are only six reason why you could be exempt from wearing a seatbelt in Texas and none of these apply to him!

Here are six reasons you could be exempt from wearing a seatbelt in Texas:

  • A doctors note: Having a statement from a physician that a seat belt is excused for a medical reason.
  • You're a United States Postal Worker: If you're delivering mail you don't have to wear a seatbelt. Because they are "employed by the United States Postal Service and performing a duty for that agency that requires the operator to service postal boxes from a vehicle or that requires frequent entry into and exit from a vehicle."
  • You're delivering newspapers: because "the person is engaged in the actual delivery of newspapers from a vehicle or is performing newspaper delivery duties that require frequent entry into and exit from a vehicle."
  • Doing meter readings for a utility company: the person is employed by a public or private utility company and is engaged in the reading of meters or performing a similar duty for that company requiring the operator to frequently enter into and exit from a vehicle.
  • Driving farm equipment: the person is operating a commercial vehicle registered as a farm vehicle under the provisions of Section 502.433 that does not have a gross weight, registered weight, or gross weight rating of 48,000 pounds or more.
  • Waste & garbage collecting: Sanitation workers don't have to wear a seatbelt because "the person is the operator of or a passenger in a vehicle used exclusively to transport solid waste and performing duties that require frequent entry into and exit from the vehicle."

You can find out more here.

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