Texas has the widest highway in the entire United States of America. Proving, once again, that things really are bigger in Texas.

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Scott Olson

Most of the roads in El Paso are average but we do have some narrow ones, (looking at you Scenic Drive) and a few really wide ones like I-10.

Others are wide but not in the total number of lanes like Trans Mountain or US 54. They're wide but half the real estate is median or "break down lane".

Where is the widest highway in Texas & America?

The absolute widest highway in Texas though is nowhere near El Paso. (If it was in El Paso, it would be pot-hole-ridden, and half of it would be blocked off by orange barrels anyway.)

The real deal is a section of I-10 in Houston known as the Katy Freeway. It's 26 lanes across at one point ... yes, 26. It has 12 main lanes, 8 feeder lanes, and 6 managed lanes. 

On the daily, it sees about 219,000 vehicles, and despite all those lanes, s**t happens -- as the saying goes.

The ramp that leads from Beltway 8 up to the Katy Freeway is over 100 feet high. Not the highest in the country mind you but that's still pretty up there.

The tallest in the entire country, should you care, are located in Texas though. They stand across from each other in Richardson, Texas and they're tied at 140 feet each.

There is some serious freeway to drive in Houston, boy. I lived there for a while and if you think this is crazy, you should try driving there ... on any roadway ... during one of Houston's torrential rain storms.


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