Jennifer Lopez has moved on from reality show judging. She’s outgoing, with fellow divas Britney Spears and Mariah Carey incoming, albeit to different shows, as is Nicki Minaj if you believe those rumors. Lopez is bowing out gracefully and when asked what advice she’d have for the new judges following in her path, her reply was simply and classy: Be honest and you’ll be fine.

La Lopez mentioned the pressure cooker that is the live shows. “There comes a certain pressure with the live shows. You have to be ‘on’ every single minute, “she said. That’s an interesting perspective, especially since she’s not the one on the stage, performing for her life and for votes! Still, the cameras are always on her, so she has to maintain the “on” switch.

She continued, “You have to be relaxed, honest and yourself. If you are honest and yourself…you’ll come off as you should.”

The ‘Dance Again’ singer confessed that “I spoke right from the heart and how I’d want someone to speak to me, if I was in that position, which I have been many times.”

She reiterated, “If you try and think too much about what people might think or what you’re saying too much, I think you get lost.”

So there you have it, Brit and Mimi. Words to live by, from someone who lived it.

Watch Jennifer Lopez Offer Judging Advice

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