Immediately after Justin Bieber premiered the video for ‘Boyfriend,’ he sat down with MTV’s Sway and a host of (all female) fans to chat about the clip and other critical topics, like his mustache, his inability to grow other forms of facial hair and his cameo in the latest installment of ‘Men in Black.’

Here’s what we learned about J to the B as he conversed with Sway and his fans in a loose Q+A fashion. So what fun tidbits did we learn about the megastar?

He has a mustache that he has to shave down, since it comes in really thick. Is that wishful thinking, Biebs? No one loves you more than your friends at PopCrush, but you and facial hair don’t seem to belong in the same sentence … yet.

“My mustache comes in really thick,” he said, trying to convince the fans. “I have to shave it down. I am trying to get scruff, it’s not working.”

He has three cars: a Range Rover, a Fisker and a Smart Car. The Rover is his fave, since he put a lot of work into tricking it out.

On weekends, he works, goes to the movies, plays board games and video games with friends. And speaking of his friends, they hit each other in the balls. “No one wants to get hit,” he said. “When you are not paying attention and someone gets you, it’s not a good feeling.”

The Biebs takes his work as serious as heart attack. “If I am in the studio, it’s not time to mess around. We are in there to work. There is a beat and I am usually writing to the beat, or I play my guitar.”

He doesn’t want to have a featured guest on every song on ‘Believe,’ since he needs the album to be about him, and not just about who he is working with.

He is in the new ‘Men in Black’ movie for “two seconds. It was the smallest thing. They showed me and I was like, ‘Where was I? They showed me again and I was on the screen for a second.” He plays himself.

The Biebs does not regret the fame. “Sometimes, it is hard, when I am being with my family and friends, and I think about it, but it’s all worth it.”

If he were an animal, he’d be “a tiger or something, a lion. At the top of the food chain.” Crunch Berries and Frosted Mini Wheats are his favorite cereals. His favorite soup – yes, someone asked! — is broccoli cheddar. Something tells us that Campbell’s will see a spike in sales of that flavor among the 18-and-under female demographic.

He and his team chose his pretty ‘Boyfriend’ co-star based on who looked best on camera. As for those swaggy sneaks he wore in ‘Boyfriend?’ Those aren’t 14 karat. It’s spray paint!