The New Kids on the Block have been around said block a few times, but in all the nearly three decades that they’ve been on the map, mustaches haven’t really been appreciated. That didn’t stop the ‘Right Stuff’ singers from growing them, much to the simultaneous chagrin and amusement of their fans. But like all good things, Donnie Wahlberg’s time with his beloved stache is coming to an end.

The singer and actor tweeted this hilarious photo of the band sporting towels and no t-shirts (except that party pooper Jonathan Knight) with the caption, “After 3 months cultivating, countless insults, thousands of requests to shave the #stache.”

Wahlberg’s stache has to go because he’s filming a new season of ‘Blue Bloods,’ and his character doesn’t fit the mold of someone with a mustache, despite his pleadings to keep it. Apparently, CBS execs weren’t a fan of the facial hair, insisting Wahlberg’s co-star, Tom Selleck, was the only castmember allowed to sport a stache. Wahlberg posted a pretty hysterical video of himself shaving his beloved stache, writing, “It all comes down to this moment…”

In the video, he has a conversation with his onscreen dad … in the form of a poster. He chats with fans, explaining why he’s reluctant to let his carefully manicured and long cultivated stubble go. “I know it’s creepy,” Wahlberg said, somewhat mournfully, “but I like my stache. I know some people think I look creepy, like an unworthy 70s porn star,” he sighed, “but I like my stache. Wait,” he said, correcting himself as he plopped the razor down. “I liked my stache.”

Watch Donnie Wahlberg Shave His Stache

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