Those are some big shoes (and pipes!) to fill! One of Justin Bieber‘s producers has named ‘X Factor‘ winner Melanie Amaro the next Whitney Houston.

Producer Kuk Harrell, who’s working with Amaro in the studio, absolutely adores working with the powerhouse. ”We have cut two songs so far,” Harrell revealed to Hollywood Life. “Melanie’s team is really smart. They are just picking great records for her.” Sounds like Simon Cowell knows what he’s doing — and to think he almost eliminated her!

It’s not just Amaro’s team that’s great. She’s no slouch, either! “She’s a great spirit and a great singer,” Harrell said. “She’s just a joy to be around. Melanie has what it takes to be the next Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. She’s a massive talent.”

Will Amaro ever duet with a certain Mr. Bieber? Time will tell. “Who knows?” Kuk said. “They are both incredible talents and genuine people. They would be magical in the studio together.” Dude, someone get Bieber on the phone — magical isn’t even the word!

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