Despite the fact that they are solo pop divas with outrageous fashion senses and the uncanny ability to craft hooky songs, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are rarely compared.

That should change now that Perry’s Vogue Italia photo spread for the July issue has landed, where she goes Gaga. The style, imaging and wardrobe are very Gaga-esque, with the mod hair and geometric outfits.

Upon first view, you might ask, “Who’s that girl?” Which is, mind you, the name of a Madonna song and film, but we’re not going there at this moment. Perry is topped by a mod, rounded and severe, white-hot bob, with extreme winged black eyeliner. These are not looks that we see her sport often. But on Gaga? This would be par for the course.

It’s futuristic, with Perry rocking a high leather neck collar, that looks like those used in cultures that practice binding. Our favorite is the pic of her with the black coat and funky, chunky, ankle strap heels. The bent shape is so chic.

In the shot where she’s wearing a ’60s style, fluffy pink coat with massive sunnies, Perry is fierce. The shot of her crawling and the one where she is in the long white robe? That’s Gaga-esque.

The structured bob is very Gaga on the March 2011 cover of Vogue. The color palette is also reminiscent of Gaga’s January 2012 ELLE UK covers. The extreme eyeliner, black mixed with white, is a Gaga signature, which she is rocking on the Born This Way Ball tour.

It appears that Perry is inspired by Gaga’s looks here. It’s very mod, mixed with futuristic tones. Some might say there is some level of dominatrix in the shots.

We’d like to add that Perry is everywhere as she promotes ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me,’ her film. She just appeared on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue (which is the Italian men’s version), showing off her matador side, and hit the late night talk show circuit to promote the flick.

Do you think Katy Perry is copying Gaga here? Or is it a universal look available to any pop diva?