Kellie Pickler’s hair is gone y’all! Rootin tootin! Lord have mercy! Ain’t that a stitch! Whatever else southern folk would say when something crazy happens. Good god and Honey Boo Boo! We know that’s a real saying.

On Good Morning America this morning, Kellie Pickler shaved her head completely bald in a show of solidarity for her friend Summer Holt Miller who will begin chemotherapy tomorrow after being diagnosed with breast cancer in June. Pickler told GMA that Athena Water will be partnering with her and Miller during her fight against the big C, forking over $2 million large to the American Cancer Society in Miller’s honor.

Kellie Pickler is an acquired taste — some people love her and some people don’t give a horse’s patoot about the country star. We happen to get sticklers (classy way to say erection) for Pickler. And oddly enough, we think Pickler looks just as hot with a shiny dome as she did with those long, blonde locks. Summer is no slouch either.

Seriously, have you ever seen hotter bald women?


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