What does the Grinch do when it isn’t the Christmas season? He apparently hits the links.

A county inspector has fined the parents of children selling lemonade near the US Open at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland $500 because they didn’t have a permit.

The inspector reportedly handed out the fine after the children ignored previous warnings. It’s not like the kids were planning on using the money to go buy an Xbox or something – they claim they were going to donate their earnings to a cancer-related charity.

A permit costs around $300, so unless the kids enjoy a Starbucks-sized markup, it’s not like they were going to be raking in Wall Street-type money.

Making the decision to penalize the kids even more mind-boggling is the fact no one has stopped locals from selling parking spots on their front lawns, with some fetching as much as $60. Those entrepreneurs have obtained permits.

One person hawking parking spots is using the opportunity to help offset a real financial issue, claiming he’s made enough at various golf tournaments to pay college tuition for one of his children.

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