Lady Gaga found a new collaborator and tourmate in the form of DJ/producer Zedd, who remixed the title track and ‘Marry the Night’ for the remix reissue of ‘Born This Way.’ The man known as Zedd , who was born Anton Zaslavski, had a fairly simple meeting with the Mother Monster and the chemistry was instant. It was as though they had the magic touch when they met.

Interscope A+R rep Dave Rene told Billboard that he made the intro between Gaga and Zedd in London, at an event for Beats headphones. “I said, ‘Gaga, I want you to meet Zedd,’” Rene recalled. “She just reached her arm out and touched him and said, ‘Let’s work together.’” Simple as that.

While the label did not confirm when, where or how Zedd will work with Gaga moving forward beyond remixes, the two are in regular contact, as Gaga is supposedly getting ahead start on the follow up to ‘Born This Way.’ The two have plenty of time to discuss the particulars of their collab, as Zedd will open Ma Monster’s 16-date Asian tour, which kicks off next weekend.

If anything, this is good news, since it solidifies the idea that Gaga is working hard on her next slate of songs.