LeAnn Rimes is still trying hard to elicit the world's pity, despite the fact that the main reason she's such a traumatic mess these days is because she cheated on her husband with a married man and then tied the knot with him after he left his wife and two kids.

And she hasn't been able to stop talking about it since.

Even though Rimes is now married to Eddie Cibrian, she still has constant fears about infidelity because that's what happens when cheaters hook up.

Instead of just spilling all that to a trained therapist, however, LeAnn lets her subconscious do the talking -- through song. So much so that the majority of the tracks on her new album (which she definitely isn't promoting or anything) are about infidelity.

"'What Have I Done' is one of the first songs that I wrote for the record, before anything was actually starting to happen," LeAnn explained on 'Entertainment Tonight.' "It was written about a friend of mine, but I didn't realize I was writing it for myself at the time.”

Ah, the old "I was holding it for a friend" excuse.

At least Rimes' love affair did not go unrecognized by the other person involved, who knew the song for what it was: "[Eddie] actually heard the song when I wrote it and, actually, he knew what it was about before I did.”

"He knew I was feeling feelings. I'm not sure what those were that he knew," she continued while feeling all the feelings.

Even though they are currently together, Rimes and Cibrian have yet to trust one another, so you know that relationship is just rock freakin' solid.

When asked if she ever worries that Cibrian would cheat on her, Rimes replied, "I would be ignorant to say, and everyone else would think I am a liar if I didn't say yes, and I have at times.”

"Speaking for him, I would actually say that's creeped into his [mind] ...” Rimes explained in the most cryptic way possible. What's creeped into his mind, LeAnn? Cheating on you? Being worried that you would cheat on him? Use your words!

Or just call in the photographers. They're always willing to let a picture do the talking for you.

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