First of all I love Pitbull! Second I would say he puts on the best concert I have ever seen.  I have always wanted to meet him. So I envy two of my friends Melissa and Karina who have met him and taken photos with him. I have to admit I do think they are his biggest fans. Right now they are trying to win another contest to meet up with him again. I asked Melissa how did all this start and this is what she had to say:

 It all started with Zumba. We've been dancing to Pitbull's music for about 7 yrs. We couldn't get enough. In 2011, Pitbull, aka Mr. 305...Mr. Worldwide…  announced that he would tour with Enrique Iglesias. That was our first encounter with the high energy rapper from Miami. Besides a way with rapid-fire rhymes, billion-dollar beats, and globally infectious hook, he is a Charter School advocate. Promoting a radical idea for at-risk kids with his new charter school in Miami called SLAM.Since then, we have been to 5 concerts which included two meet and greets.

The first time we met him we were starstruck and tongue-tied! The second time we actually talked with him until they told us/him that other people were waiting to see him. Not only did he smell good, but he was extremely nice and humble. We also had the pleasure of meeting several of his band members and dancers. That night left us wondering who is this Armando Christian Pérez that calls himself "Pitbull"?

Waiting for the next concert would be hard for us. That's when we found a photo contest sponsored by Subway. The grand prize was a 3 day 2 night trip to Los Angeles and VIP tickets to the H20 Music Festival where Pitbull was a featured artist! After submitting our photo and fingers crossed we got the news that we had won!! Once there, we had no idea that we were the over-all winners and would be working with Enrique Santos interviewing most of the artists such as...Jessica Sanchez, Prince Royce, Frankie J, and Don Tetto to name a few. Pitbull had to leave immediately after the show so unfortunately we didn't get to interview with him.


That brings us to the current photo contest sponsored by Voli Vodka showing how we #TurnUpTheVoli. Pitbull and Voli Spirits will be choosing from the top ten most voted photos. The grand prize is a 3 day 2 night VIP trip to Miami and meeting Mr. Worldwide.

 Why do we want to win this?! Hearing Pitbull's music can turn our mood into instant excitement no matter where we are.  None of his music or concerts has ever gotten old for us. To some, it's just music..To us it's more of a connection whether it's thru Zumba, radio or his concerts. We have friends literally WORLDWIDE because of him, ranging from the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Europe and Morocco. We interact with his fans on a daily basis thru various Social Media. We were fortunate enough to meet several of these loyal fans on our trip to L.A.It's not just about winning this contest..it's about understanding the man that has created such an empire and his ability to take on the world with his talent.Pitbull's signature phrase is "Dale"..meaning...Let's do this! ....and that's exactly what we intend to do...DALE!

 Please take time and vote for these girls! As you read they are true Pitbull fans!Vote by clicking here!  Please make sure you scroll down to see their photo.


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