Travis Bryant served our Country, and now it's time for us to serve our friend.  This family has been through so much, but you have a chance to make a difference.  Read their story below, and come show your support for Travis on January 17th at Jaycee Hall.  It will be a night of Bingo, silent auction, concessions, 50/50, fun, games, and prizes!  For more information on how to get your tickets click here.

On July 8, 2018, life changed suddenly at the Bryant household. Travis was rushed to the ER at Detar hospital due to stroke symptoms. The miracle drug, TPA, was administered because his symptoms were worsening. The CT scan showed negative of stroke, however the doctors were treating him as he had a stroke and worked on his speech, physical therapy and occupational therapy. After three days in the hospital Travis had another ‘stroke’ and became unconscious loosing all feeling, speech and sight. Within twenty-four hours he regained 75% of his lose and was released from the hospital on July 12, 2018. He had many follow up appointments, a new appointment with a neurologist to run more test. Within those days, July 20, 2018, Lesha bent over to pick up stuff in the backyard, she immediately had chest pains, numbness down her left arm, jaw pain and became nauseous. She dismissed the symptoms for three days, thinking it was stress over her husband’s health, and decided to see her Primary Physician. Her blood pressure was elevated so the doctor prescribed a low blood pressure medication and Xanax to help relieve anxiety. Lesha warned Travis not to tell the doctor she had been experiencing chest pains because she knew the doctor would send her to the ER and they were on their way to Travis’s neurologist appointment. They did make that appointment, however in the middle of the night Lesha woke Travis stating she couldn’t take the pain any longer that she needed to go to the ER. At their arrival they were told that Lesha was having a major heart attack and needed to be rushed to Cath Lab for a stent to be placed into her heart and that the major artery was 100% blocked. She was in ICU for two days, moved to a regular hospital room for one night before she was discharged. By this time, Travis has small set backs, slurred speech, difficulty walking and defiantly can’t drive, much less go back to his job as a Safety Manager at Dow Chemical in Seadrift, TX. Life began to spiral down, and smother the Bryant household. Lesha was discharged on July 27, 2018, which was a Friday. On Sunday, July 29, 2018, their seventeen year old was in a major car accident at nine o’clock at night, totaling their son’s car. Their daughter, Hatti, walked away with minor bruises and bumps, and more stress continued to pile on their shoulders. Since Travis’s first episode until the end to 2018, he has not been able to return to work, drive or stay home by himself. Lesha has three jobs and continues to take her medication to help prevent another heart attack. Their son, William, try to help financially by working part time at the post office. Hatti is a senior and is working also. Everyone is trying to do their part but hospital bills, doctor bills are piling up and it stresses Travis out. He truly needs to maintain a very low stress life to help him mentally. Please continue to pray for the Bryant family.

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