A 16-month-old boy will grow up to always stick out in a crowd — or at least his hair will.

A Roswell, Ga. toddler known as Locklan Samples was born with typical baby hair, but at 6 months old, his hair began to sprout straight up, becoming un-tamable.

"I was going to my mom and asking her, 'Did I have hair like this," his mom, Katelyn Samples, told Fox 5.

When trying to wash Lock's hair, it won't get wet easily. When they dry the hair, it won't lay flat.

"Then, as soon as we would dry it, it would not lay flat, even if we brushed it," Katelyn said. "As soon as it dries, it pops back up."

Lock's hair is so fragile that any styling gel or other products will break it.

Lock doesn't mind the attention his hair brings him, though.

"Even at the doctor's office, it's almost like an episode of House; there's always a lot of doctors in the room, and he just eats it up," his mother said.

A stranger even told the mom he may have a one-in-a-million hereditary condition known as "uncombable hair syndrome."

After contacting Lock's pediatrician and asking about it, they were referred to a specialist.

"We went into the dermatologist's office and several other doctors came in," his mom recalled. "They took pictures of his hair, and they took samples of his hair."

A pathologist checked out the hair samples under a microscope and confirmed that Lock is one of about 100 known cases of the syndrome.

"The hair strand is like a triangle shape and twisted," Samples said. "Every single individual strand is that way."

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