Madonna‘s willful teenage daughter Lourdes, who is also her design partner in the Material Girl teen fashion line, appears to be a little monster. Turns out that Lourdes is embarrassed by her mother’s public feud with Lady Gaga, where Madge has taken to dissing Gaga in the press and on stage.

A source told the National Enquirer (quotes via Entertainment Wise) that Lourdes is beyond mortified how Madge has handled herself when it comes to her much younger foe.

“It embarrassed her hugely that her mother constantly picks on Gaga,” the insider said about Lourdes’ reaction to Madge’s behavior. We just want to quickly point out that Lourdes embarrassed her mother back in the spring when she was photographed smoking. Just sayin’.

Even so, Lourdes is a smart girl who thinks that her mother’s bratty antics make her look bad. The source continued, “Lourdes, who is wise beyond her years, knows Madonna’s doing herself more harm than good – and that she’d be better off locking arms than horns with her rival.”

If that’s indeed how Lourdes feels, she is an intelligent teen who might have a career ahead of her in PR, since she is trying to diffuse the situation; she realizes her mother’s image can be tarnished by taking such cheap shots at a major star like Mother Monster.

But Lourdes appears to have ulterior motives, as well. She is actually a fan of Gaga, like most teens her age. The insider also shared, “[She] is a lot closer to Lady Gaga’s age than her mom is and like most girls her age she absolutely adores Gaga.”

Could Lourdes be the catalyst that helps bury the hatchet between pop music’s biggest blonde, Italian divas?

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