Drinking can cloud your thinking, which may explain why a Farmington, Connecticut man came up with a pretty boneheaded idea.

Authorities say Daniel Vagnini beat himself up to prove to police he had been assaulted to get out of being charged with drunken driving last Saturday.

Vagnini must've really wanted to avoid charges, because he's accused of punching himself in the face, tearing his shirt and hurling his wallet and keys into a nearby river - all to convince police someone attacked him.

Police first got wind of Vagnini after he blew past a stop sign and came dangerously close to hitting another car. They found his car a short time later and began a search for him. Vagnini, meanwhile, called 911 to report he had gotten lost in the woods.

He wound up telling police he had been out drinking before someone pummeled him when he tried to get into his car. He said he passed out from the beating and woke up in the woods with his clothes frayed and his wallet and keys missing.

Cops didn't buy his story, though. He was charged with reckless driving, evading responsibility and driving under the influence.