Sometimes when you’ve got a terrible case of the “munchies,” but not a lot of money in your pocket, you just can’t be stopped from doing something pretty rash. The body needs nourishment, after all, and you don’t want to walk around with a growling stomach all night. You’ve got to eat.

A gentleman from Niagara Falls, NY, was faced with just such a dilemma due to his snack cravings. He wanted some food, but apparently didn’t have enough cash to pay for his meal.

Well, that didn’t slow him down one bit. This mastermind of food and trade ordered up almost $10 worth of grub at a local Denny’s, and then gobbled it down. How do we know he was suffering from the munchies? The fact that he came in at 2am and ordered a Grand Slam Breakfast points strongly in that direction. And since he was a little short on cash, he offered the cashier only $1, and a bag of weed.

That trick didn’t go over too well with the Denny’s employee (seems like a no-brainer, really), so the guy tried to sell his pot to some of the customers inside the restaurant and drum up the dough he needed. When that didn’t work, and after the cashier called the cops, the would-be ganja salesman fled the scene. The authorities arrived soon thereafter and quickly figured out who he was, but they haven’t been able to track him down as of yet.

Still, if anything would be a cure for “the munchies,” it’s Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt (pictured above).

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