Mary J. Blige recently found trouble with a certain Burger King ad, and the drama hasn’t ended for her there. The queen of hip-hop soul’s charity foundation — Foundation For The Advancement Of Women Now — is getting sued from all different angles. From the likes of TD Bank to a lineup of musicians playing at various Mary galas everyone seems to be having their problems with FFAWN.

It’s been reported that back in June 2011 TD Bank approved a loan of $250,000 for FFAWN, one that was promised to be repaid in full by December 2011. However, when the time of payment came the charity had only $368.33 to pay. There’s a mistake here somewhere!

As if this wasn’t enough, back in 2010 it was reported that FFAWN failed to file a federal tax return. And as we all know, if you don’t pay Big Brother, you will some way or another pay indeed.

Further, the foundation is being sued by musicians from a fundraising gala back in 2011, all of whom claim that either their payment was nonexistent or their checks bounced. A lawyer representing roughly 30 musicians told the NY Post, “We got a whole series of checks — rubber.”

Having received oh so many donations from big name businesses and businessmen like Jay-Z, Walmart and Gucci, it’s a wonder as to where the money went? Hmm.

A statement recently released by one of Blige’s reps says, “The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation For The Advancement Of Women Now, Inc. is presently transitioning its management and headquarters.” Good move.

Let’s see the green, Mary!

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