Remember that time you rented a historic city landmark and told the people running the place that you’re shooting a historical WWII documentary, but in reality, you were filming twelve dudes scoring with one woman the 50 yard line? Oh that wasn’t you? Well someone did it. The LA Times is reporting that a Chatsworth-based adult film company did just that in 2001 and they are catching heat for it now. The film they claimed to be making was submitted in paperwork as “Guns Brandished 33” but the actual film the production company released was titled “The Gangbang Girl #32.” Maybe it was a typo in the paperwork?

So far, it’s not completely clear how this was arranged but reports indicate that someone behind the scenes had to let the crew in and turn on the lights. We’re hoping they also fired up the hot dog machine and stocked up on the cotton candy because the folks on that shoot had to have worked up a serious appetite.

Why it took officials ten years to catch this debacle is beyond us, but our theory is, that it may have taken someone that long to get through the entire Gangbang Girl collection consisting of thirty-one other DVDs.

Oh well, it’s not the first time Trojans have been all over that field.



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