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A Texas teen and his mother had been missing since Thursday night from their neighborhood in Humble, Texas.

The car that belonged to the family was missing as well. Why these two had vanished together, if indeed they were together was a mystery.

Click2Houston reported the family missing on Youtube.

Sadly, now that they have been found, we are still trying to figure out if a homicide was in play, as 17-year-old, Tyler Roenz has become the prime suspect for the murder of his own mother, 49-year-old Michelle Roenz.

Nebraska State Police have issued a Twitter update with gruesome details.

Minutes after being alerted by Harris County police that the vehicle tied to the missing family may have been the getaway car for a possible homicide and was traveling in Nebraska, troopers saw the car and tried to pull it over.

That is when Tyler, who was driving the car, began to speed up. A high-speed chase followed.

Tyler's vehicle reached speeds of about 110 miles an hour he lost control, skidding off the road and hitting a tree. He was severely injured but is expected to live. His mother however was found deceased in the trunk.

Once Tyler recovers from his injuries, he will likely be extradited back to Texas as there are many questions remaining, namely, who killed his mother and why.

We will keep you updated.

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